Beste ouders,

Deze vrijdag (19 juli) organiseren wij onze jaarlijkse wafeltjesverkoop. Alle pietieters (behalve onze kleutertjes) gaan dan op pad in Zele om de heerlijke verse (!) wafels te verkopen.

De werking start om 13u voor de kinderen, behalve voor de kleutertjes. Voor hen is er een gewone werking voorzien (vanaf 13u45). De werking stopt op het normale uur van 17u45.

Tot dan!
De hoofdleiding

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22 comments on “Wafelverkoop
  1. Sabbi says:

    sharon and sam – the pictures truned out amazing! wow!! what a great day. so glad we could be there to experience it with you guys, cris and bren!sharon and sam

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  20. omg blackouts exist!!!? Im still tackling trying to get drunk.wow cant believe its been a year. Im so happy for you, and this experience. I would love such an opportunity! i went on mysoju and prefer it way more to crunchy roll.if u ever miss atl too much we should exchange carepackages, that will ost us a fortune to mail. miss u chica!

  21. Jennifer – Enjoyed looking at the slideshow. It looks like y’all had a wonderful vacation; especially catching up with your beloved friends and family. Glad to have you guys back home!

  22. Charlie was a really influential person and touched so many lives. The Memorial on June 4th was unforgettable. So many great stories were told so let's keep the ball rolling!! More stories, pictures and music!!Chaz

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